A couplet short of a sonnet
(we're all mad here)
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Cosmo Sex Tip #1701


When they plead for more, adopt a Scottish accent and yell, “I’M GIVIN’ HER ALL SHE’S GOT, CAPTAIN!

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—It’s a primitive culture. I’m just trying to blend in.
—You’re blended, alright.

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fangirl challenge: tv shows [3/10]
     ↳ star trek: the original series

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whenever I watch spock’s “live long and go fuck yourselves” scene in the first reboot movie I mourn the fact that kirk wasn’t present because his reaction would have been gold like can we have an au where he was and is just there in the background like


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there are millions of trekkies all over the world from all different professions and cultures and walks of life, each with unique and amazing abilities and talents, with ambition and creativity and astounding levels of intelligence, all with the collective desire to boldly go, so what the fuck do you mean we can’t set up starfleet by ourselves

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omg what even is star trek

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I’m sitting in my favourite coffee shop and there are two girls seriously discussing Star Trek at the table adjacent

They are comparing Picard and Kirk, discussing casting in the various series, gushing over the wonder that is Leonard Nimoy, and speaking with undisguised awe of Patrick Stewart. My mood is improving in leaps and bounds the more they talk.

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