A couplet short of a sonnet
(we're all mad here)
Revenge of the Ghost-Fly

There was a really big fly buzzing around in my bathroom last night. First I decided “live and let live” and continued to brush my teeth, but it was buzzing like a mad little chainsaw and hitting the glass tenaciously with surprisingly loud thuds, so I figured it was best to kill it to be absolutely sure it wouldn’t somehow find its way into my bedroom. That would be just my luck, and then I would not get a wink of sleep all night, and I’m low on sleep as it is nowadays. So, electric fly swatter - spark, crackle, fizz - fly: dead finito and flushed down the loo.

However, my pacifist heart was apparently feeling guilty about this senseless murder, because I dreamt the fly came back as a ghost to haunt me. And it brought friends. I guess it serves me right. :P I woke myself up when I tried to swat away a really big ghost-spider from my shoulder (I’m pretty sure it was the one my great-aunt killed last weekend while we were visiting) but missed and accidentally slapped myself hard in the face. :P

That one is close to the top of my list over strange ways I’ve woken myself up. Tripping over my slippers on my way to the computer to cover it with a t-shirt is probably the strangest one still, but slapping myself in the face beats the overturning of the glass on my night stand and the resulting half litre of water perfectly aimed at my head. :P

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And now for something completely different…

Inspired by Vulcanmarbles' Supernatural-inspired barricade in the bathroom (now there's a sentence you don't come across all that often!) I've decided to share the dream I had last night. For those of you who don't know me all that well: my mind is a strange place. This will be beautifully weirdly illustrated by the dream which shall be described presently. For those of you who do know me well: What can I say? You know I love to share the madness.

The dream was mainly a Doctor Who / Star Trek crossover, sprinkled with a potpourri of whatever I could think of, apparently. River Song somehow accidentally ended up on Deep Space Nine as a sentient hologram, much like Moriarty in “Elementary, my dear Data” and “Ship in a bottle”. She borrowed the Doctor’s mobile emitter (the EMH Doctor, that is) so she could run around off the holodeck, kicking ass and being her usual BAMF self. Picard was on the Enterprise D, trying to speak to Sisko at DSN to get a situation rapport, but Dukat had taken over the station and wouldn’t let Sisko use a secure channel. (Why this was important I do not know. Dukat was standing right there - a secure channel would hardly help.) Sisko and Dukat then spent some time throwing snarky comments back and forth while Emilé Zola got a suit fitted at Garak’s. (SUDDENLY! on the promenade.) Groucho Marx rode by on a velocipede, followed by Yakko and Wakko Warner on tricycle and unicycle respectively. The Cowardly Lion was discussing something with Worf in the background, both gesturing wildly with arms and legs. Sadly a little subtitle was suspended in mid-air in front of them: [Inaudible dialogue], so I don’t know what they were arguing about. River Song ran by with a blaster she had stolen from Han Solo (who was hot on her heels - both in the sexy way and the fast way, if that makes sense) - and then my mom called and woke me up.

Make of that what you will. I’ve given up trying to make sense or meaning out of my dreams. :P

Hum. Don’t mind if I do. It would be nice and normal in comparison to what I usually dream about. :P

Hum. Don’t mind if I do. It would be nice and normal in comparison to what I usually dream about. :P

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