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(we're all mad here)
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ladyalatariel → happy camper at home or at work?

Happy camper on my way home in three… two…

(Eg kjem på trillian når eg kjem heim, eg skal sjå etter deg! :P)

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Oh yeah, I’m celebrating with chocolate buns fresh from the oven BOOOYAH

Today’s a good day. *happy munching*

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-Shirt Giveaway Winner!


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Holy… !!

Guys, I won!


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What’s with the men at work today?

It started with the most grumpy of the guys downstairs grumbling a “good morning” to me when I came in - which I found strangely endearing because a) he grumbled it loud enough for me to actually understand the words for once, and b) it was nearly noon.

The transportation boss actually came into the office to ask me about something and he smiled at me before leaving! This doesn’t sound like much, I admit, but trust me, this is a big deal - this guy’s really shy and it’s taken literally five months of me working here for him to reach the necessary level of ease around me to say hi without blushing.

Then the “cake boss” himself came through the door crying out “Oh Couplet, you darling creature you, will you print the lists today, my love?” to which I replied I already had since I was bored and figured I’d give the cake makers one day where I didn’t nag them about doing it themselves like they’re supposed to. He laughed and thanked me profusely, saying that the guy I’m supposed to teach how to print the lists was home sick today - “Nothing serious,” he assured me. “You know these youngsters, they can’t handle a grown woman of your calibre.” He then proceeded to serenade me with “I put a spell on you” as he left with his lists.

And not ten minutes later one of the guys on the floor came in, took his lists, declared me an angel and wished me a splendid day.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely to be appreciated, but at this point I’m starting to wonder if someone has spiked the water fountain. :P

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we joke about procrastination but nothing is worse than the nauseating feeling of having every intention of doing something but physically not being capable of doing it and then feeling like you want to throw up because the deadline is just getting closer and closer.

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I want to see Roland turn to Robin and go “Where’s mommy?” And just as Marian’s about to perk up he sees Regina out the window and jumps up to go run to her.

"Where’s mommy?" Roland asked as he kicked his feet back and forth.  The stool was too tall for him but he loved sitting at the counter at Granny’s.  Marian, heart racing to hear her son asking for her, abandoned her conversation with Emma.  She turned, only to find Roland was wiggling out of his seat.  A glance at the window showed that Regina was coming in.

"Roland, come back here," Robin started to follow him, but Marian shook her head.  Regina had been in her husband and son’s life when she hadn’t.  It hurt, but she couldn’t tell Roland not to talk to her.  Not as long as she could watch and keep her little boy safe, at least.  She wouldn’t let Roland out of her sight when the queen was near.

"Hello Roland."  The woman who had laughed when Marian had worn a sack over her head, laughed at her death sentence, now smiled at her son.  Marian braced herself for whatever would come next, as much as seeing her son hug the queen would hurt.

"Did you hurt my mommy?"  Marian froze as she heard the question spoken so gravely.

"I…"  The queen blinked, her smile vanishing.  "I knew your mommy a long time ago."

"Did you hurt her a long time ago?" Roland asked, his hands on his hips telling Marian that her son had spent a great deal of time with Little John.  The whole diner seemed suddenly silent.  

The queen nodded once.

"I thought you were a nice lady, but I don’t want ice cream with you ever again.  You haffta go away now, ‘cause me and mommy and daddy are having breakfast and you make mommy sad."  Roland turned and came over to her, tugging on her hand.  "I”m going to have pancakes and I’m going to eat them all, but you can have a bite first, ‘kay?"

Marian watched for a moment as the queen, to her surprise, turned and left the diner.  She looked down at her son.  ”I’d like that.”

OKay, I might start to watch the show again if this happened. I wish this would happen, I wish it with a purning passion.

God, I wish you wrote for the show, Lost. It would be a thousand times better. We wouldn’t have any of these fucking crap love triangles which are then “solved” by killing off people, whitewashing others, and writing the rest so OOC that it’s not even funny.

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Finished a new OUaT drawing tonight. It’s Archie Hopper / Jiminy Cricket.

Oh my gosh, this is incredible!


Finished a new OUaT drawing tonight. It’s Archie Hopper / Jiminy Cricket.

Oh my gosh, this is incredible!

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I love this song, I really, really do. And not just for sentimental, nostalgic Edinburgh reasons, either! …I am also mature enough to be very amused by the lyrics. :P

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"watch this" they said

"it’ll be fun" they said

"i’m going to watch it" i said

this was not fun" i said

i’m emotionally ruined" i said

"hey watch this" i later said

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